Rent any equipment from Ken Van Wyk Land Improvements

We offer equipment rentals at great rates for homeowners and contractors in New Jersey . We supply the equipment and an operator to make it easy and cheap to get your job done faster and at lower costs. Our team of professional operators are easy to work with, highly skilled, and always show up on time. You can count on us to get the job done right

320 hydraulic excavator perfect for digging foundations land clearing etc.
the weight 20 tons

Hitachi 75 7.5 ton excavator perfect for your tight mini projects

650 h lt hydraulic dozer the weight 10 tons.Perfect for your flat grading needs

Caterpillar 330 excavator
40 ton machines perfect for your excavating needs land clearing excavating foundations loading trucks

320 excavator 20 ton machine whit a hydraulic thumb attached to it Perfect for your demolition needs

Komatsu 220 excavator 22 ton Machine perfect for your excavating huge foundations

10 ton machine
perfect for your medium-sized projects

2 axle woodchipper is a perfect machine used for reducing wood into smaller woodchips for your projects.

JCB perfect for your simple project needs Digg with one side scoop with the other the a.k.a. Swiss Army knife

Tomasson Pro tough 1700 skid steer perfect for moving material around for simple projects

Kubota S BL 75 skid steer contracts perfect for moving the material around on the job site

For the Kubota we have an attachment called the Harley rake perfect for the final grading

Triaxial dump truck perfect for bringing an hole in way material for your project

Tractor-trailerPerfect for bringing any equipment or any object anywhere especially for your projects

Single axle dump truck perfect for that little bit of material that you need and getting in and out of tight spots

Chainsaw all for your chopping needs perfect for clearing to see the perfect view

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